Go Lucky by Thierry Chow is a contemporary concept fusing Feng Shui with mindful, modern design to create the space you love.  


Feng Shui runs in the family for Thierry Chow. Since 2011, Thierry has been apprenticing under her father, Mr. Chow Hon Ming, one of Hong Kong’s most respected Feng Shui masters. With a BAA major in illustration from Sheridan College in Toronto, Canada, Thierry finds unique, inspiring ways to combine her iconic style and creativity with tried and trusted Feng Shui family recipes.

Thierry has written and illustrated a book “Love & Fate” published by et press (Hong Kong Economic Times) in Chinese, and has appeared as a Feng Shui consultant on numerous television and radio programs including Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, Season 11.

She’s been featured in publications including Vogue Hong Kong, Hong Kong Tatler, LA Times, WWD, CNN Travel, Elle Magazine, Cathay Pacific’s Discovery and the June 2019 cover of American Way Magazine. She was also selected by Tatler Magazine to be on their Generation T list 2018, and selected by Prestige Magazine for their 40 under 40 in 2018. Thierry has collaborated with major brands like Kenzo, Lane Crawford, Maison Michel, Max & Co and Soho House as a Feng Shui expert at various events.

what is the method?

For Thierry, Feng Shui is mindful awareness of our immediate space, and choosing to raise it to a higher vibration in a conscious, creative manner. An abode is a reflection of who you are, and your home or office is constantly speaking to you.

Thierry Go Lucky is a creative expression of how Feng Shui encompasses both the emotional and physical — applied to all aspects of design, including fashion and interiors. The brand concept is Thierry’s way of sharing her family recipes in an easy-to-understand manner to help you flow into the right direction of your life.

Through her curation process, Thierry seeks to show clients that Feng Shui is neither magic nor superstition, but an effective and practical way to transform homes and offices into surroundings that soothes and inspires, spaces you want to be in.


Feng Shui Steps

...towards Well-Being for everyone according to Thierry.

A style that speaks to you.

Be it bohemian chic, Versailles opulence or minimalist Zen realness, the style of your home is crucial as your space reflects who you are. Be mindful of who you are. Nature knows what it is, you are no different.

Cheerful, fun colours.

A sun-soaked yellow, an optimistic orange or a nourishing green, colourful accents do brighten the mood. Make sure it’s in the right direction with Thierry Go Lucky first.

A decorative detail that delights.

Place a picture or piece of art that sparks positive emotions — be it an inspirational painting or photograph, grandma’s quilt or a cute teddy bear from childhood — whatever makes you smile.

Five Elemental Phases.

Be it bohemian chic, Versailles opulence or minimalist Zen realness, the style of your home is crucial as your space reflects who you are. Be mindful of who you are. Nature knows what it is, you are no different.

Five Elemental Phases.

Human beings are not separate from Nature. Living plants keep you company and remove stagnant qi (their life-stimulating properties proven to reduce stress). Metals minimise illness (copper, bronze, gold and silver are known to have antimicrobial properties). Bring in the earth element for grounding with marble or crystals. Lit candles invoke inspiration and creativity in spaces. Water features such as fish tanks or fountains let abundance flow through.

No Qi

Imagine a river going through your home or office. Position furniture to allow for a smooth flow to all areas, keeping the qi moving freely through and letting it flow into the right directions of your life.

Purge and

We collect emotional debris all around us, and it’s hard to expand and create when boxed in with all that stagnant qi. Get rid of old, unused items and clothing. Declutter your physical space to make way for something new.


Invest in diversified lighting that reaches every dark corner, with a good balance of Yin and Yang — neither too bright nor too dark, overly warm or cold. Coloured candles and curtains gives you a lot of options, as ample sunlight can be let in during the day, softened in the afternoon, and made ambient in the evening.

A good home lets you stay present.

Whether you want deep invigoration, soothing relaxation or a quick reset, your space should allow you to connect to your soul, effortlessly. Setting an intention helps shape the use of your space, and being mindful of it creates the right energy to revitalise you immediately.


Marble stone dog

For enhancement on friendship, relationships, career & work

HK$ 2,380.00 

Golden Aluminium Ox

For enhancement on health, overall wellness, work & health

HK$ 2,880.00 

Red Wooden Bird

For enhancement on creativity, career, school work, relationship & love

HK$ 1,880.00